To Want Is To Affirm You Haven’t Got It

To Want Is To Affirm You Haven't Got It

Dear Wisdom,

Would you address the thought of:

“To want something is to affirm you haven’t got it. That’s the best way not to get it.”

Thank you for spending time with this puzzle.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Because someone feels there is something lacking in their life, they don’t think they will be completely happy until they get it.   Now happiness is placed to future events.

*The signal that is sent to the universe is: “ I’ll be happy in the future.”

To understand the ability to manifest dreams, the vision is seen taking place in the present moment. One needs to daydream with all their senses active to make the desire feel real now. Time in the 3rd dimension is based on 24 hours a day. Sometimes it feels like it is dragging or speeding up but it is still confined to 24 hours a day. The dimension of time is “now”. When one sees their desires as taking place at a later time such as: I’ll be happy when… It implies you are not happy in the now time but will be happy at a later time.

*The universe does not work in later time. It works with now time.

What is one telling the universe? I’m not completely happy in the now time. This is the signal being sent to the universe. Dogs are trained to race around a track by trying to catch a rabbit on a pole. They never catch it because it is attached to a machine that keeps the rabbit just ahead of the dogs. The same is true for dreams seen in the future. To have wants come true, they need to be brought into the present “now” with such realism they feel like the dream is really happening now. What would happen if the machine stopped?  The dog can pounce on the rabbit. He would be enjoying it now and not later. To “want” is to imply you do not have it now. One is placing their happiness in the future.

*To truly be happy now, you must live in the now. Create your dreams in the “now time”.

Experience the energy of it happening now. This starts the manifestation of the dreams becoming real. One does not put off living their wishes. They need to first be the thought. Then move to the senses, using creative visualization. Now they can be brought into the reality. This is the difference between actively creating or wishful thinking for the future.

          Thank you so much Wisdom, with love.

          You are welcome our little dreamer. Harness the power of dreaming. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, project what is right. The only limits are your beliefs. Take control of the thoughts from the ego. See your dreams now, with all the senses. Believe this is your destiny.