Role as Ambassador for God

Role as Ambassador for God

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to become more effective in our roles as ambassadors for God.

“One awakes to the truth they are an important ambassador or emissary for the Living Source of Existence.” (Wisdom 1/21/10)

Please tell us how to maximize our role as ambassadors for the Living Source of Existence.  Thank you!

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The theme will be starting to sound redundant because the answers boil down to one energy:  LOVE.  This path is easy to analyze but the hardest to implement.  Ego is a formidable challenger, striving to take over control of the human package. Most people are bogged down in the daily business and drama being enacted. All are living from their own projection and story line assuming everyone else is watching the same show.  Here is where life takes on different outlooks within the same reality.  When one is willing to go beyond their own focus and represent as the Most High’s student, life takes on a more personal war within. Every thought and action has the opportunity to strengthen or weaken the dedication for revealing more of the Most High’s essence. 

In the beginning, the Lord God is perceived outside of self, at a distance.  The Heavenly Father, or Heavenly Kingdom is up in the sky. As one advances, the realization that The Almighty is within self becomes alive.  The need to discover this truth is the stepping stone to start expressing this energy from the core of your being.  To become an ambassador for anything one becomes very familiar with the person or cause. In order to represent, one must be intimate with the foundation in order to display the knowledge needed to preach the nature wishing to represent.  When one chooses to demonstrate God’s nature, they will choose love over self-­‐ego. 

This road is truly not with the need to be aware and awake to all the nuances the ego disguises itself. One can be lured into thinking their action is meant to help another but, underneath, it is for the ego’s benefit. Being a representative for the Most High God is a life time choice with the ego being the challenger at every turn. It will be the little choices that will strengthen or weaken the stability and balance of the core beliefs. A simple decision might be to get up at a certain time in order to practice meditation for the day’s launching.  Think five extra minutes won’t matter, one falls back to sleep.

They wake up an hour later needing to now rush off to work, skipping their prayer time. The whole day has the sensation of being behind. A couple of days yield the same response.  Pretty soon, meditation is shelved, declaring it was too much of an effort. Ego wins again.  One needs diligence to weave out the temptations ego sews along the path.   Discovering the difference between the logical mindset and the heart takes an open attitude.

*If one wishes to be an ambassador for the source of all life, love needs to be “the default” button to apply to life. The concept is easy. The reality is much more difficult to practice.

           Thank you so much Wisdom, with love!

You are welcome precious one! Not only can you express love but allow others to practice the trait on giving their own style. You are loved beyond comprehension. Be willing to trust life. The universe only wants your best interests to unfold. The strength comes from the connection with your Power Source.