Become Beacons of Joy

Beacons of Joy

Dear Wisdom,

 Please help us to become beacons of joy and mirth throughout our days.

“ A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance.” Proverbs 15:13

 We saw the movie, “The Secret” which tells us that a constant state of joy will attract more of the same. It is the law of attraction. We know that joy is good. As humans, we are subject to highs and lows, with some people only having the lows. How can we generate a state of being chronically elated.  How can we make ourselves beings of joy and laughter for self and those around us? 

Thank you!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Living in a constant state of joy is an attitude. It is a person’s decision if they will focus on what brings them joy or sadness. One develops ruts of feeling which can become a default setting. Is something going to be a chore?  Then it will be a chore. What if one saw it as an adventure? Wouldn’t they look at the duties of the day as an adventure instead of all the daydreams of what could go wrong?

When someone tells of a trip they are planning, how many people think of all the pitfalls that can happen? These are the ones planning everything that can go wrong. Those that expect a positive attitude to experience the trip see any mishap that arises as part of the story that will be told. It shouldn’t be what will stop them. Some live life thinking of everything that can go wrong.  Some live life knowing the Universe is friendly and they choose to attract the positive. When it rains on a vacation, does one grumble how the whole trip is ruined or will they see a new mood on the day, which opens the door to a different adventure?

 One does not live with their head buried in the sand discounting reality.  But living reality is not staying stuck in the negative. Someone dies after living many decades. Those that celebrate the days they lived will think of them in a positive light. Those that never get beyond mourning their passing never remember their positive influence on the person’s life. Living in joy and enthusiasm will be decided on one’s focus.

Do you want to be in a constant state of joy?  What is really stopping you? Some people go through life wearing the coat of a martyr.  For some, it is a code of pessimism. Others wear a white glove. One that believes God loves them unconditionally, no matter their bloopers, and wants only the best for them, lives with joy, knowing God is working for them and not against them.

Does one have a concern right now? Place the concern on a conference table in the mind. See it with no attachment of energy. Focus only on the facts. What can you do about this concern?  That portion is moved to your side of the table.  The rest is moved over to God’s side. Now you both have your duties. God does not exchange portions and neither should you. Focus on your job. Leave God’s business alone. This would free one of wasting so much energy and causing pain and suffering to self.  One cannot be enjoy when they try and manage others business. By choosing a filter that finds the positive aspects of life, one can live in joy. One keeps checking the filter until this outlook is stuck on focusing what’s right about life.

             Thank you, Wisdom, with love.

You are welcome our little binoculars.  Focus the view to see clearly reality and the bigger picture. Do you really trust God knows what to do?Do you trust His timing? Noah’s boat was finished at the proper time. It wasn’t early or late.  Noah was trusting in God.  Trust God’s part is being done. You are doing your part. What if you were told you were on the right path? Live this truth.