God to Take Up Residence in Our Life

God to take up residence in our life

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us with a recent recommendation from you.  We wish to get the source of all life “to take up residence in our hearts” (Wisdom 3-26-10).

How do we do this?  Thank you!

Care to comment Wisdom?


In order for the Source of all Life to take up residence in your heart, The Lord God needs to be invited in.  Most people think they do not have the time because of all the busyness and “important” details life has in store for them.  The underlying theme is to wait until life slows down and there is nothing else to do before the concept of developing a personal relationship with The Lord God arises.  Many exit this planet without a clue as to why they were gifted to be on earth in the first place.  Allowing space in the mind set to become intimate with your Creator is viewed as somehow a negative way to spend one’s time for the active seems unproductive and not fashionable.  Peers might jeer you.  Sounds like the Pharisees, doesn’t this attitude?  One needs a desire to open the heart and become vulnerable.

*Why vulnerable?  Because one is trusting in the unseen and believing in a concept that cannot be boxed up and labeled as definite truth.  Miracles are all around a person but they close their mind to the obvious.  The miracle of placing specific seeds and having a harvest of produce from that tiny seed is truly a miracle, but gardeners just expect the corn kernel to grow into a stalk of many ears of the vegetable. Butterflies and beetles do not seem to have the availability to fly but that is their nature.  Ants have a better communication network than humans.  Many just get rid of the pests without a qualm.  Breathing is a miracle.  How many people are honored that they have this privilege rather than expecting this feat to occur 24/7?  Most invite the Source of all Life with an attitude they are the one’s doing a favor for God, not the other way around.  Look at the time they allot for their Creator.  What a sacrifice.  Why all their friends are watching the football game playoff.  One is not performing a favor for God when opening up communication lines.  The gift is for self.  The Divine Lord God is already in residence of all living creatures.  It is the person who can wake up to this truth and open the heart and mind to allow access to communicate.  The mind can find The Lord anywhere at any time.

*The bond becomes stronger when a person takes time to find their Creator in the stillness of time.

*God is found between the thoughts, in the space of the moment.  Here is where intimacy can take root.  This process is individual and private.  One can gather with thousands to worship but you still have the connection at an individual personal level.  Trust The Lord God values this bonding and wants time spent together as an intimate union.  The statement choice is the heart over the mind.  One is generated by emotions while the other path is found in logic.  One way feels God, the other way thinks God.  Most talk at God with their wish list being recited.

*Try living with God with rapture and in the throws of a lover’s joining.  You can never be jilted, just always loved with unconditional joy.

          Thank you so much wisdom with love.

          You are welcome our little fairy princess.  Believe in the magic of life.  Every moment can be a joyful celebration with the World’s Best Lover.  You are the one with the power to issue a date.  The choice will be the best adventure on this journey of life.