With God, Live in Joy

With God, Live in Joy

Dear Wisdom,

Please enhance YOUR recent teaching:

“When one becomes aware of the connection with the greatest Celebrity there is, one can live in joy for the remaining segment of life.” 3/13/13

Please tell us how this “Celebrity” (God) has a connection to us, and how to become aware of that connection, and experience the joy that is promised. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


One feels the connection with God in the silence of the chatter of the mind.

When someone is whispering when the TV is on at a loud volume, kids are fighting, lawn mowing equipment has been on for the last 15 minutes, the phone is ringing and the person is late for an appointment, they’ll get back to God when life calms down. Most put God in the back seat, thinking now is not a good time to deal with God. They don’t realize there is no better time.

God is not to be taken out only on Sundays. You are because of God. God’s status in one’s life is more valuable than any human celebrity. People daydream about winning more money than they could spend. There is no recognition of already having the greatest prize of life. Truly, most take God for granted.

*Realize the God that creates life and those celebrities one so admires, is also living within you, but all God hears is a busy signal.

*People’s priorities are out of alignment if God is not first.

*When the Most High God is valued above all else, they now have access to the true joy in life.

*Chaos can be going on in the human world but there is the constant connection that is the power of God, which is unconditional love. This is what the soul is seeking. It was the only reason you were created. The soul wants access to experience and express more God. The soul is more important than the human vehicle. The ego creates distractions from this truth. Become aware there is no greater Celebrity then the One that lives within. Spending time putting God first let’s one be the biggest winner ever imagined.            

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome our little doorbell.

The sound of a doorbell ringing alerts a person is at the front door. Your doorbell has been gently ringing from the beginning of time. Wouldn’t it be wise to check who’s been waiting? The reunion will be the greatest celebration of your life.