If God is Love, Why Not Heal Everyone

If God is Love, Why Not Heal Everyone

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to unravel the mysteries of the ages. The question many people would ask if they could talk to God: “If God is love and loves all people, then why doesn’t God heal illness, fill the needs, answer the prayers, and solve the problems of billions of people?”

Jesus taught us:

“You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” John 14:14

Please help us to understand this contradiction. If God loves us, then why doesn’t God answer our prayers? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Jesus was addressing the souls needs not the human wants.

 A loving mother has compassion for her child when they desperately want something and know the request will be denied. It is not for punishment. The child might say they hate their mother. She is mean. All the tantrums with the kicking and screaming doesn’t seem to affect her. She tries to give the child a hug and wipe away the tears. She gets slapped in return. If someone observed the scene, they might think, “Just give the kid what it wants to stop the screaming.”

Letting the child drive the family car is dangerous for one who is 7 years old. Just because his best friend gets to sit in his dad’s lap and  “drive” the car will not change the mother’s mind. To the child it seems so unfair. They do not comprehend the timing isn’t right.

How difficult it is for human adults to be placed in the same position. Their desires are thwarted because their soul is not ready. The soul might be wanting to learn a lesson it has not yet mastered.

The spiritual realm also works together. The human does not see the interweaving that is taking place. They just feel God is punishing them.

*Some think they have to earn God’s favor.

*You cannot create more when you already have it all. Pouting, swearing, cursing and spitting on God’s name can never change God’s unconditional love.

Why do people  “die” when they are not supposed to?

Why does a human have to suffer so much? Why isn’t God listening to the cries for mercy? God hears the human cries. The Most High also hears the souls. The human was created for the soul. When one feels confused and helpless, it can be the opportunity to question the soul.

*If the soul wants to experience and express more God which means they need to love the human aspect of self unconditionally, there is a blockage of self love.

How can one tell? There are conditions placed on life.

*When one realizes all of life’s dramas are for teaching unconditional love, they can know at the soul level this lesson is being addressed. Your soul might be assisting other souls working on a group lesson. There could be unfinished business that the human has no knowledge of taking place. Even though the human is scared and in pain, the bigger play that is taking place is dealing totally with unconditional love.

Let God be your parent who knows when to comfort with love. For whatever reason, the soul is not ready.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome little stopwatch.

A stopwatch counts the seconds and minutes, being exact.

Child of God, tried to use a stopwatch on God’s time usually stops the clock from running.

*To win the race, let the Divine Lord move at whatever pace desired. God’s timing is perfect. A human usually jumps the gun, scratches the race and needs to start over. Let God have your stopwatch and you will always win the race.