What I Have Done All Men Can Do

What I Have Done All Men Can Do

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to understand a passage in the Aquarian Gospel: “… I have overcome the flesh, with all its passions and appetites. What I have done all men can do…. I will lay down my life and take it up again…. And what I do all men can do.” Chapter 163

What passions and appetites of the flesh did Jesus overcome? Sex? Drinking? Power? Can all men really rise up from the dead as Jesus did? Thank YOU for an explanation of these passages.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Balance is the word that this missive refers to.

Humans, by their very nature, tend to focus on a want or drive. Food plays an important role in society today. Commercials tempt the palate with visual and audio delights. Then the hook is stating that the cheesecake is healthy because of a few calories shaved off the total.

If the mind focuses on food to help calm the nerves, the desire to eat is out of balance.

In Jesus time, gatherings were almost always dealing with food. There were few distractions in a life that had the drudgery of a hard routine.

The temptations of the flesh were strong in that era also.

When one has a goal or focus in life, many distractions arise. In this time frame, TV and video games take up blocks of time.  After watching several hours of the television, most feel a sense of sluggishness and lethargy. If an event is watched with friends, more random eating is known.

It takes effort and energy to bypass the lowlife food and stick to a healthier choice.

One has to train the senses with baby steps so they are able to resist the call to eat with recklessness and worry about any effects another day.

One might train his appetite to enjoy the foods closer to the natural source.

Here he has conquered and slay the desire to overindulge in cookies with no substance. He might not grow up in an environment where food was a temptation or reward. Nor was it a sign of love.

For many, there is a need to conquer the habits and overcome the patterns from childhood to free a person from the appetites that are a distraction for living life in freedom.

Sex is another strong force and drive, especially for the male human. With hormone disrupters even in the water, the desire is muted. This leaves many self-absorbed with the lack of drive.

Jesus was referring to an unhealthy amount of time spent in the mind about sex.

Slaying the desires is to bring them into control. Man can do this if there is a desire to focus control over the thoughts.

There is a balance to life.

Jesus was referring to mastering control over human drive that can be imbalanced.

The question is whether or not a human would choose to rein in control of a habit that is desirable.

Once again, the soul is the reason for the human vehicle. Little attempt is paid to this truth.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love

            You are welcome, precious one, in a love that is strong enough to help in overcoming any challenge.