“You will experience indescribable peace…”?

You will experience indescribable peace

 Dear Wisdom,

 Please help us to fully embrace the value in the Self Healing book by Ranji Singh, PhD:

“ You will experience indescribable peace, oneness, interconnectedness, and extreme happiness for that brief moment.” (p.102)

We are eager to attain such a level of peace and consciousness. How can we achieve the above statement? 

Thank You.

Care to comment, Wisdom?


That brief moment Dr. Ranji Singh mentions is when one’s essence emerges on the outskirts of the Source of All Life. It is but a brief moment and it impacts the person for their life. All vectors need to be aligned in order to experience this wonderment. Most do not realize the static caused by a variety of dense vibration.

*Dr.Singh describes a moment where the interference is muted to allow one a moment of a clean signal.

*What is needed to begin to prepare self for this adventure is to drown oneself in an attitude of gratitude. Wake up each morning with thanksgiving you have the opportunity to witness another day. The soul waits for the perfect opportunity to come to earth to find more God and clean up karma that keeps out the light. Many start their day with a list of problems to solve. The ego pushes its way into the door of the mind and takes over the controls. It takes practice. Another exercise for the mind to do is, “ Act as If”.

 Many fail before they even try. There are subconscious reasons the mind creates failure. Know it is only trying to protect you from repeating past trauma.

The fear of failure can be a child’s hurt of being made fun of that causes the adult to become clammy and feeling faint when they need to speak at a business meeting. Some become too sick to participate. They focus on the fear that just keeps building. This is predicting failure. One can address the past child and comment how brave they were. This time will be easy. You know the facts and what you have to say is important. You’re giving them a gift that can add to their life.

Is one afraid when they give a present to another? If you stood on a street corner and gave out $50 bills, there would be a mob gathered asking for one. If one is afraid to speak in public, visualize the audience is eager to be the one to get the money. Come out smiling glancing over the audience and think,  “ Today is someone’s lucky day!”

When one “ acts as if”, it is not just thinking in the mind but the emotions play an important role.  “ Act as if” with anything even “ touching the face of God.”

Why not see this as your reality?

             Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome little actress.

Everyone is the star in their own theater of life. If a person is uncomfortable, they can act any way they choose. Think of yourself as actor and scriptwriter who can edit the manuscript. You aren’t stuck playing the same role over and over. Act as if you always wanted to play at being the star in your production. Don’t you know God picked you personally for the starring role now?  Play to the most important audience member, God. You will always get a standing ovation.