Value of Supplication in Prayer

Value of Supplication in Prayer

Dear Wisdom,

Please teach us the value of supplication in prayer.

Most people who believe in God have some vague notion of God as Santa Claus. You give Him your list of presents that you want. If He delivers them, then you are good and God is generous. If he does not deliver them, then you are bad and God is to be rejected. There is much wrong with that paradigm as explained in the “Prophet” by Kahil Gibran: “ It is the desire in us that desireth. It is the urge in us that would turn our nights, which are thine, in today’s which are thine also. We cannot ask these for aught, for thou knowest our needs before they are born in us: Thou art our need; and in giving us more of thyself, thou givest us all.” P.69

Does God know our desires before we utter them? Is it right at all to pray for something? New age authors would have us believe that we need to picture our goals then realize them. A study done of Harvard graduates found that the people who had a goal, vision, and plan for their future ended up much more successful than those who were goal less. Yet many a prayer ends with “Thy will be done”.  “ It is Allah’s will” say the Muslims. Is supplication in prayer acceptable to God? How do we direct our lives toward a prosperous, happy, and healthy life? Thank YOU!

 Care to comment, Wisdom?


Most people think praying is to ask for something that they can’t get for themselves. Praying usually takes place when most feel desperate. God is the last hope. Prayer can be so much more.

*If one chooses to include God consciously into their life totally, every moment can be a prayer.

When people use creative visualization, they rarely ask their soul for inspiration. What does this mean?

When the soul wants to work on some lesson that the human is ignoring, they won’t get much help from their soul. An example might be a person wants to lose weight and they tried every diet there is with no success.

What if they asked the soul for help with God?

If they took a few moments in the silence and listen with an open heart, maybe there would be a thought of judgment. One could breathe that word into their body and just be with it.

Does it feel true about judging self? Is it also true about judging others?

You now have a plan of action. There will now be a diet for the soul. When one finds themself thinking critical thoughts, they “diet” or stop the negativity and find the truth.

*Self-criticism is a sign the soul is starving for love.

The human just knows they are hungry for something so they try and fill the hunger with food. They don’t seem to be satisfied. The soul is asked to be a partner.

When the first signs of wanting food appears, the person spends a few moments feeling love so the soul can experience that emotion. Then one can eat. After a brief period of time, the body doesn’t crave as much junk food. The portion sizes get smaller without effort. Most people feel the goal to losing weight is the loss of pleasure. What the soul is craving was always self-love.

*Instead of a diet of restriction, it will be a diet of gorging on self-love.

When people want to pray for something, it would be beneficial to try and discover what the soul is trying to learn. They never want to hurt you. Most humans ignore their signals.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, little volume knob.

A volume knob adjusts the sound level. Some turned the volume level up to the point where they can hear nothing else. When you want to hear the soul, the external volume level is turned down and the internal level is raised.

Let the soul’s volume level be turned on. One will be surprised at the level of insight they can now dial.

Work with the soul and the volume for love will increase.