A Sense of Freedom?

A Sense of Freedom

Dear Wisdom,

Please give us a sense of freedom in our lives.

“Set me free and rescue me from the mighty waters.”  Psalm 144:7

We live in America a land of freedom. Yet there are thousands of laws and obligations and taxes that make us less than free. We are not free to avoid gravity, or taxes, or death, or some health challenges. We cannot change the weather or many of the people around us, or the predatory state of politics and business. Please help us to have a sense of freedom, in spite of the above limitations to our freedom. Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Some things a person cannot control in their life.

When these events happen, they can feel a sense of freedom by choosing their attitude. When one doesn’t get their way in a situation, ego is screaming, “Unfair.” Most do not try and control the feelings. Freedom is not just the absence of laws.

*Freedom comes when the mind is being trained by its owner.

One thinks a personality trait is out of their control. It takes effort to control a habit and change the automatic response. As a person starts to practice challenging a negative personality trait, the ego rises up and sets roadblocks in place.

If the time is chosen to start meditation in the morning, going back to sleep after the alarm sounded it was time to get up, will happen more often. Most give up, thinking they need to sleep more. When one makes a change into a habit, they trained the ego. This is an accomplishment. The ego will try to trap the person into giving up. It will be a lifelong quest.

*When a negative habit is broken and replaced by something positive, that is true freedom. Controlling the attitude also is freedom because one stops reacting to life.

Treating every experience as new helps create a new response. Most spend their time focusing on what they can not change and becoming upset. It can bring a sense of control when one is working toward mastering their emotions. This is actually the one place a person can control.

One can’t control much of life but they can find freedom controlling their attitude. This is a lifelong journey. The training is never finished.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome, little snorkel.

A snorkel is used when a person wants to view what is below the water surface. The goggles helps one peer into the water and the piece that fits into the mouth allows a person to continue breathing. If one just looks below the surface without protection, the eyes burned and they can only hold their breath so long. When one “snorkels”  below the surface of the mind, they also need protection. A prayer of protection is said before starting and ask your Guardian Angel to be there as the goggles or glasses to see more clearly. When can stay under longer.

* Going within is the journey most never take to explore, but it can be the greatest trip of one’s life.