Seeking Others Sympathies

Seeking others sympathies

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us with the notion of pity or seeking others sympathies.

There was a TV program called, “Queen for a Day” in which the contestants presented their deplorable life circumstances, and the worst situation was the winner who received a refrigerator or something. This “pity party” has been found throughout human history. Some people get attention and favors via presenting a case of pity. People feel sorry for this person.

As Catholics, we were taught a strange message of “suffering your way to heaven” and penance, and the holiest is abstaining from pleasures in life. This extended to pity for pathetic situations. We see some friends and family members who seem to draw bad luck to them. Do we attract a life situation that creates pity? How can we avoid the martyr or pity situation? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


People have always been drawn to hearing about others misfortune. Their life now seems better. The unfortunate one has the focus directed toward their problem.

*Few see the exchange of energy taking place at the ethereal level. Some become addicted to this boost of energy and on the subconscious level, will keep creating new opportunities to generate more of this power.

Drawing pity also avoids others expectations. Children seem to get sick before tests. Sometimes it is at the conscious level because they did not study and don’t want to take the test. For others, the student had studied but the subconscious was trying to protect the human. It could be from failure, or disappointed parents or karmic issues.

The problem is they start living for others approval. Instead of maybe doing poorly on the test, they have their attention on the stress of the uncertainty of the chance of failing. This might set up a pattern of embracing pity and avoiding the sense of failing.

One can spend decades trying to change “bad traits’ but the subconscious mind was only trying to protect. This aspect of the brain needs to be addressed in order for any lasting change to take place. The mind is only trying to protect you.

*Instead of criticizing and blaming all the effects this belief system has created, thank it for trying to keep you safe. Explain a new software version of security is available and is going to be installed. You’re hoping the subconscious can keep doing such a fine job. Then make a ritual of installing the data.  This way eliminates guilt and frustration. There is no rejecting or judging the subconscious. It was working perfectly with the data that it had received. The new material includes loving self with no conditions and not expecting others to do the job for you. This was the problem in the first place.

Like any new software, the system might need to be “rebooted”. Always thank the mind for doing its best. For some reason, the soul needed the experiences that were created. The soul might not have been ready for updating the version of data the subconscious was using. Make sure there is no judging, criticizing or blaming taking place.

It is just time to update the version.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome our little “flash drive”.

Flash drives store data. They cannot change the information unless copied over. It is painless and takes a few seconds. Treat the subconscious mind like a flash drive. People are just looking for unconditional love outside of themselves.  It can only find this type of love within. That is at the core of all problems.

Travel within to locate this priceless gift.

It is a gift exchange between you and God.