Insight for Productive and Enjoyable Life

Insight for Productive and Enjoyable Life

Dear Wisdom,

Please provide us with insight and wisdom to lead a more productive and enjoyable life. 

“Listen to me; be silent, and I will teach you wisdom.” Joe 33:33

People’s lives change dramatically based upon decisions, which are based upon wisdom, or lack thereof. Besides reading and learning from mentors, what does it take to be“wise”? How can we gain wisdom to make our lives masterpieces of joy, love, and contribution? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


One develops a sense of wisdom when they follow the Most High’s lead instead of the ego. When a person chooses to place God first, decisions become more wise and leave a person with contentment. People who know God is their eternal light need little.

Every moment of the day is special because they share it with God. Living one’s life with God fills the void from birth. This vacuum is created when the human loses memory of the connection with God. It is like a child crying out for it’s mother. They don’t know where she is because the child can only see in front of themselves. They do not realize the mother is standing outside their vision range. The child was never left alone. This is also true for you. You might not see a presence of the Divine Lord but you can love this truth from the heart.

*When you ask God to be your trailblazer, you can stop worrying. Life is more blissful.

One stops focusing on the egos lure and stays on track with God.  Life becomes less frantic and a sense of joy is present. The answers come easier and one starts living in the truth. One stops worrying and start living with freedom.

           Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

           You are welcome our little table.

A table is used to seat guests for a meal. Place settings are laid out. God sits at the head of the table. This way all can learn from God’s example. Let God show you the way to finding joy.