Help Others for Reward

Help Others for Reward

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to extract the pearl of knowledge in the Louis Lamor novel.

The hero spends a great deal of time and money trying to get rich on a diamond expedition. He loses all the diamonds and nearly his life. He then goes back to this same area to help a woman, and somehow through his altruistic notions, comes back with the biggest diamond of all.

What is our take home lesson here? Are we supposed to spend all of our time trying to help others, with the hope that eventually we will be rewarded? There are thousands of people around the world who started their careers on sheer greed and have fulfilled their dreams. Is the above story a rare exception to the rule or the standard? How can we apply this story to our lives? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


This is a universal message. This is the battle between ego and spirit. The Bible story of Job battling with his ego is the same storyline.

All souls are not at the same vibration level nor working on the same lesson. Some are the villains in the play of life. Some souls will affect the masses such as Judas selling Jesus for money. But without a soul willing to play the role of the traitor, the Old Testament would not been fulfilled and Jesus would not have completed his mission. On the planet earth, it is like a giant theater for the souls.

Each soul has their own individual play, which is woven into a larger theme with clusters of souls working together, such as a family unit or close friends. This group embraces a loyalty to something bigger. Also add in the difficult levels of vibration attracting like energy, expanding the force field. There are few souls that will affect the planet’s population, usually with negativity. Playing the ego’s part is much easier for one gets to be selfish. The human does not battle with the ego.

Jesus and Buddha were constantly challenged, even in their final hours. The plot line of Louis Amor books have something that are universal for the spiritual plot lines. His story of being greedy, losing something of value, given an opportunity to choose helping someone else, and they do, shifts their energy field which allows the universe more levels of energy to manifest the humans desires.

Looking outside the window of another person’s life can trigger envy if they feel a lacking in their life. What triggers their response of envy?  Is it the sense that life is not fair? This creates conflict for the soul, which is good. The soul wanted to challenge the illusion that God has favorites.

*The reason for souls coming to earth is to experience the Most High God’s love and then express it. Some just experience the greed, but all the treasures will never be totally fulfilled. They always want more. Trying to fill the void in one’s life with physical possessions never can take the place that was meant for God.

Every human is born with this missing piece to the puzzle. From the outside looking at their life, the person seems to have everything they want. They do not acquire the one thing that is free. Everyone already has it. God’s love for you is waiting.

*The human just needs to remove the blinders and experience the pure unconditional love that has been there for eternity.

*The poor man who fills the void with God’s love, is the richest man of all. A wise man looks at the scene with compassion, for he knows the value of a man is not the human trappings, but if they found the greatest treasure of all.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome our little chickadee.

When chickadees are young, they cry out for their mother in a loud voice and will not stop until it’s mother returns to them. You have spent your life crying out for God as if you were abandoned. Looking for God in the mind did not fill the void.

*Seek God in the heart. The Divine Lord has been waiting patiently for eternity.  It is free will that stops God for running after you. The soul wants to find God on their own. God wants to give you a hint. Start looking in the heart region where the emotions are stored. God is waiting here for the reunion. There will be a spiritual celebration that will never end.