Harness the Healing Power of Belief & the Placebo Effect

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Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to harness the incredible healing power of belief, or the placebo effect.

Throughout human history, various healing potions have had extraordinary therapeutic benefit simply via the belief of the patient in the remedy. Various studies in modern science show that the placebo effect, or telling someone that they are getting a powerful medicine, can give relief in 30–75% of the test subjects. How can we harness the power of our belief and make our lives dramatically better? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


People change their lives because of beliefs. Many think it is hard work and takes someone special to have the faith to heal self. Most everyone uses this tool every day without thinking of using this power. Aren’t “truths” just beliefs? If a teacher told you in elementary school that math or spelling was a subject that would never come easy for you and 40 years later the teacher is proven right. How much of life’s challenge to spell correctly or understand math problems is based on the teacher’s prediction rather than a learning challenge? Another teacher told her students they were in the “smart” class. Some brains actually rewired the learning process to make that teachers belief or prediction a fact.

Reality is the facts of life. Most think they live reality but it is their perception of reality which is believed to be the facts of life. One person has a scar on their face. This is a fact.  The person thinks everyone is looking at them negatively because of the  “ imperfection”. If someone turns away to talk to another, it is considered a sign of rejection. Another counts their blessings for living through the trauma and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.  Even if the scar is severe, their own acceptance is subconsciously felt by others and will react in kind. Before one starts a project, be still for a moment and check within what the belief is saying. Will it be harder or easy, fun or boring, beyond your ability or the answers are “out there” and you will find them.

*All our beliefs and the subconscious will do everything in its power to make you right.

One uses the subconscious to work with the universe to create one’s life. Most think they have no control. Mahatma Gandhi had his physical freedom taken when he was put in prison. He knew they could not take away the freedom of attitude. Choosing to use the confinement as an opportunity to strengthen his faith in God and his cause, when he was released many years later, some of the guards became followers. He changed the course of England and India. There was no questioning the beliefs. There are the facts of life but one has free will to have whatever perception desired. The subconscious could hold some hidden beliefs that are in error or corrupted data. Rather than spending years reliving the problem which keeps the energy alive and growing, be grateful the mind is just trying to protect the human vessel. Show excitement for the new updated software that can now be installed.

*Believe the outdated information was a tool the soul was using for a spiritual lesson and now new data is needed to advance.  It is time to upgrade the system.

Treat the process like updating the system. Start believing the new system installed is your new reality. Life need not be complicated. The universe holds only love for every soul. The closer one moves toward love, the more their life can be based on reality.

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, for all the insight.

            You are welcome on our little switch.

When a light switch is “Off”, no power can turn on the fixture. Just moving the switch’s position can light a room. Believe the body is wired for health. This switch can easily be turned on. Pathways that have been shut down can be activated. This simple procedure can be used for any challenge. The soul might have other plans that are more beneficial for the unit. State, “ I am ready. Just waiting for the souls green light”.   The final thought is, “ Why not me?” All that could be stopping you is corrupted data. The new software is free. Why not install it today?