Focus on the Good in Life

Focus on the Good in Life

Dear Wisdom,

In the book, “Abundance”, the author focuses on the many advancements that are being made today and soon ready for tomorrow. Please help us to focus on the good in life, rather than the abundant tawdry news.

If a person sees a new car, but the car has a dent on the side, then the eyes are drawn to the dent. We don’t see the 99% that is perfect.  We see the 1% that is flawed. News editors talk about: “If it bleeds, then it leads.” Meaning, that gory stories are the basis of the news. Much of daily life is either boring or pleasant, but that is not what you focus on. Pessimists can get the attention of the public, while the optimist gets drowned out as “Pollyanna”. Do we truly get what we focus on? How can we focus on legitimate positive news?

Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Being optimistic feeds the soul.

Negativity puts a blanket over the light. Being negative is easier because human nature uses the fault-finding mechanism to survive. Being positive is more for long-term health.

Tragedy holds a fascination.

People are drawn to stories that cause the adrenaline to rush, giving them a burst of energy. That chemical reaction can make them feel more alive.

Being positive leaves a person vulnerable to criticism and some who want to burst their bubble.

The excuse is to make the person see life more realistically.

If a person wants to stay positive, understanding this trait about people almost wary about those who are chronically happy helps explain others’ reactions.

One does draw like energy towards them. It is the law of co-creating.

One draws like energy to co-create with God. It is free will that doesn’t stop the person from creating negative consequences they will own.

Focusing on the positive takes controlling the ego.

Controlling the ego takes practice, patience and persistence. There isn’t a magic wand that can switch gears from being negative to being positive.

Start looking for the gift in every situation. Become a detective searching for any positive aspect of life.

Soon it will become second nature.

            Thank You so much Wisdom, with joy.

            You are welcome little microscope.

A microscope magnifies little objects. Some can be alive such as blood cells. The microscope highlights the details to study.

Why not become a human microscope and magnify the smaller positive details of life.

Practice investigating the mundane in life. You will be surprised at how God weaved something positive in every aspect of life.

Make this a quest. Sometimes, the gift isn’t found until time has passed and destiny has a chance to become part of the play.

It takes practice but it can become a game.

Have fun with life. It was not meant to be so serious.