Erroneous Notion of Suffering

Erroneous Notion of Suffering

Dear Wisdom,

Please help us to purge our spirit and mind of the erroneous notions of suffering our way to heaven.

Much of the Catholic and even Christian philosophy centers around the crucifixion of Jesus. If the Son of God had to suffer, then so do you… or so goes the logic. Given that deeply embedded misconception, who would want to show up for duty to take whatever assignment God has for us? Please help us to realize the love of God and the joy in fulfilling our mission in life. Please help us to purge the notion of suffering our way to heaven.  Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom? 


Suffering happens as a baby is born and is being squeezed out of the mother’s body. The mother also suffers if it is a natural birth. That memory is buried deep in the subconscious.

*Suffering is a gift.

*It is a tool to learn contrast. If one thinks of feelings as being on an artist’s palette, all the emotions are beneficial.

To dwell solely in the denser range creates a drab or depressed life. If one has no range of the heavier emotions, life has no depth. A painter realizes the color black is used to make the evening sky and add it to color for creating it’s shadow. There needs to be a balance for painting a masterpiece. When one tries to paint life with no shadows and avoid suffering because of a misconception, their life will be out of balance. Now, this does not mean a person should wallow in suffering. Just see suffering as part of life.

*Those that feel their whole painting should illustrate how much they suffer never paint joy.

Jesus suffering and death was to be a symbol. He took the spiritual suffering of birth a human has, and replaced it with the feeling of unconditional love. When the human accepts this gift on behalf of their soul, spiritual joy and healing are felt. Man can now live a life that can use unconditional love on their pallet. Is it not more enjoyable to use more colors to paint a picture? When one can create depth perception in their work, this scene can become more real.

             Thank you so much, Wisdom, with joy.

            You are well come in our little painter’s knife.

A painter’s knife is different from a kitchen knife. The edges are duller to prevent cutting into the canvas.

People who paint with oils use the tool to mix the colors. Some are bent at awkward angles to be able to mix and spread the paint. Trying to use a kitchen knife would not work as well.

Do not worry your knife has a unique bend. You are able to smear on original colors with a unique style.

Everyone gets to show their original artwork to God. Some people see their unique style as wrong. God really likes original work. That is the only way a person can create a masterpiece.

Making a photocopy of another’s work is considered cheating.

*No one fails when they turn in original work.

God sees them as a masterpiece.

How is your masterpiece?