Believe a New Chapter will Start with the New Year

Believe a New Chapter will Start with the New Year

Dear Wisdom,

Please expand on YOUR recent missive: “ Believe a new chapter will start with the New Year”. (Wisdom 12/26/12)

Please explain. What is this “new chapter”? New career opportunities? The fiscal cliff that we read about in government and business? Thank YOU!

Care to comment, Wisdom?


Starting a new chapter in one’s life can refer to many directions that are available. It can refer to new jobs or better health. That involves the human aspect. More important is the new season of spiritual advancement. What if the souls were able to join forces without human interference to hamper the fulfillment? Most humans spend their waking hours in self awareness and how life reacts to them. There is a drive to be important in other people’s eyes. The attention is focused on physical desires. The soul is rarely considered as important or even thought to help steer their course in life.

*When a person consciously decides to work with their soul and the Creator, the universe is not as impeded to manifest dreams.

Yes, the physical hopes can come true but more importantly the souls agenda can be considered as important also.

*To see every challenge as a valuable tool for soul growth helps open the doors to awareness. Life is bigger then just the self.

Instead of thinking God can only be reached under certain conditions, one realizes God is with them every second of the day. What if the new season was to wake up to this truth? This is what Job finally realized. It made no difference what the outside world was seen as, Job was so grateful for each breath of life he took in. You can have physical dreams but keep them secondary to the souls craving. 

            Thank you so much, Wisdom, with love.

            You are welcome of our little ear.

Ears allow humans to actually hear vibrations. One can develop their hearing to notice lighter sounds that usually go unnoticed such as the waves crashing a mile away. When one goes within, they hear with the souls awareness. Listen for the sound of God. Though faint, it is the most important glorious sound in the universe.

Train your mind to be sensitive to the calling of the Divine Lord.